Question of the Month: How do you best manage fatigue within a workout cycle?

Question: How do you best manage fatigue within a workout cycle? Answer: I have 4 tips to help you manage your fatigue. Number one: Adequate sleep is one of the keys to recovery. Making sure you get a good night of Z’s. Hydration is another critical element to managing fatigue. The Extra Cellular Matrix is […]

Getting the Bounce Back in Your Step, When You’re Bouncing Back

Whether you teach exercise for a living, or you just love your workouts, having an injury can be a major setback! This isn’t just a physical setback, but also an emotional one. Regular exercise has benefits beyond having a hard body, although that’s a nice side effect! Studies show that moderate to vigorous exercise completed […]

The Injured Working Fitness Professional

Nothing is quite like being sidelined with an injury, especially if you make your living as a trainer or group fitness instructor! Unlike many other professions, it’s almost impossible to get ‘sick’ pay in the fitness industry; the harsh reality is that if you aren’t leading, you’re not earning. So how can you continue to […]

Bolder Shoulders

Nothing adds symmetry to the body better than a great set of shoulders! Unfortunately, people tend to train only the part they can see: the front and the side. This causes you to neglect the important posterior and deep stabilizers (rotator cuff). You need to have good muscle balance for proper function and injury prevention. […]

Awesome Arms

I’m always so flattered when people compliment me on my arms, especially since I feel that I look like a Sharpei, with my skin too big for me! My response? Tell them that my arms are purely decorative! Of course, that’s not entirely true since a strong upper body is incredibly useful. Being strong gives […]

Question of the Month: Are pre- and post-workout snacks important?

Question: Are pre- and post-workout snacks important? If so, what should I eat? Answer: The need of a pre- and/or post-workout snacks depends on a lot of different variables. If your workout is 60- 75 minutes, you may not need anything. If your work out is longer than 90 minutes, then a small snack is […]

Spring Cleaning

The Habit Cleanse By the time April arrives, many New Year’s resolutions have come and gone all by disappeared; This makes April the perfect time to do a habit cleanse. While I don’t personally like dietary cleanses, I do like cleaning away the things that no longer work in my life, like the behaviors that […]

Question of the Month: If I only have 20-minutes, what exercise should I do?

Question: If I only have 20-minutes, what exercise should I do? Answer:  You can get quite a bit done! For strength and cardiovascular benefits, do a circuit of 6 different exercises for 45 seconds each. So like this: Squat Push up Alternating Side Plank Side Lunge Dumbbell Bent Over Row Russian Twist with a Dumbbell or […]

Habits that Help

When my clients come to me with a long list of goals, especially resolutions at the beginning of the year, the goals usually involve huge upheavals of behavior. This is the number one mistake of people who are trying to apply willpower to stubborn habits; it’s wrong not because the goals aren’t good, but because […]

Question of the Month: How do you incorporate more movement into your daily schedule?

Question: How do you incorporate more movement into your daily schedule? Answer: Remember that every little bit helps! Even if you have a desk job, studies have recently revealed that if you move, even at low intensity for 5 minutes every hour or 10 minutes every two, there are cardiovascular health benefits including lowered cholesterol, fasting […]