Five Fall Fitness Tips!

Fall is beautiful but the days are getting shorter and in some places, it’s starting to become colder. Most people start having a problem sticking to their fitness routine when school starts back. I believe that fitness should be an integral part of our daily lives; it shouldn’t become less of a priority as the seasons change. To keep you on track for the fall, here are some tips to help you stay (or perhaps get back) on track.

  1. Set goals: If you don’t know where you’re headed, you’ll never get there! Make sure these goals are reasonable, achievable and measurable.
  2. Take your measurements: You must establish your starting point, so take your measurements, weigh yourself and if you have the opportunity, have your body fat percentage taken.
  3. Choose a workout buddy:  It’s much easier to stick with your fitness goals if you are held accountable.
  4. Keep a food journal: Write down everything you eat or drink every day. At the same time, write down how you felt when you ate it, how hungry you were when you started to eat, and how full you were when you stopped.
  5. Find support from your friends or family: You need to have a support system to make lifestyle changes and to make wellness a priority. Invite your loved ones to be that support team that you need.
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