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The Body Bar Strength & Conditioning DVD consists of three Body Bar workouts, each focusing on total body strength and conditioning. The DVD format allows you to do each workout on its own or customize your own workout by mixing and and matching exercises from each. THE NEW BODY BAR WORKOUT: This 60-minute routine staring Keli Roberts is an exciting, energetic, and educational workout using classic Body Bar moves in powerful and effective new ways. Focus on form, technique, and execution to sculpt and fine-tune a strong, defined body. BASIC TRAINING: A 30-minute workout total body workout uses the Body Bar to sculpt and define every muscle group with time efficient, super effective exercises. The Body Bar will not only help you develop sleek legs, tight abdominals and a strong toned upper body, but also provides the resistance necessary to build stronger bones and a faster metabolism. Each exercise builds on the previous one in a fun yet challenging series designed to improve posture and create long, lean, strong muscles. Stretches are included throughout the workout. Train smart not long. Results are guaranteed! Level: Beginner to advanced. BODY BAR CHALLENGE: This 60-minute wrkout with Keli Roberts is a powerful total body conditioning workout that will push your strength and endurance to the enxt level of fitness. Keli uses high intensity training techniques such as giant setting, super setting, and drop setting to increase the overall intensity of the workout in a shorter period of time. Using either one or two Body Bars, one lighter and one heavier, these dynamic exercises enhance muscle fiber recruitment and produce excellent strength gains and muscle definition. For those who are looking for an extra challenge and want to see great changes in their bodies, this workout is outstanding! Produced in DVD-R format as are all Body Bar workouts. This disc is DVD-R format as are all authentic Body Bar DVDs as produced by Body Bar.


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