Question of the Month: Are pre- and post-workout snacks important?

Question: Are pre- and post-workout snacks important? If so, what should I eat?

Answer: The need of a pre- and/or post-workout snacks depends on a lot of different variables. If your workout is 60- 75 minutes, you may not need anything. If your work out is longer than 90 minutes, then a small snack is advisable. It also depends on the time of the day, when you’ve last eaten and what you ate last. Most people like something small, like a banana, yogurt or dried fruit. If you are preparing for a strength training workout where hypertrophy is the goal, then some amino acids are a good idea as well.

Post workout snack depends on when you’re going to eat next. If you’re not eating within the next 40 minutes, then a small snack is a good idea. A protein drink that has a good balance of carbohydrate and protein can help recovery. If your workout was only a 60 minute class, and you’re eating a meal soon after, nothing should really be necessary.
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