Question of the Month: What motivates you the most?

Question: What motivates you the most? And what motivates you to inspire others? From Aerobicone

Answer:  What motivates me now is what motivated me to get into the fitness industry in the first place; Making a difference in people’s lives has always been my driving force. After a difficult career as a model, I felt so useless and used. What attracts me to teaching fitness is seeing that I make a difference in people’s lives. That touches me deeply. Whether that’s in my classes, through my DVD’s, with my clients or in my workshops. It all inspires me.

What motivates me on a regular basis is doing the things I love and enjoy; I genuinely enjoy teaching groups and training clients. I also love that my indoor training feeds what I do outside the gym. I am a passionate cyclist, I love anything to do with pedaling, whether it’s road, mountain, cyclocross, track or time trialing. Indoor cycling feeds that passion and helps keep me fit to ride, in a time-efficient manner. The other day I rode a century, 100 miles, basically without training for it. I felt fantastic from start to finish and most of my training came from my indoor classes.

Being strong helps me work in my garden, lifting heavy things without hurting myself makes me more independent. I love feeling strong! Being able to go for an eight-mile hike with ease makes me so happy. Having the kind of fitness that
enables me to be independent, challenge myself and stay injury-free: That motivates me to help others find the same.

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