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Working out and staying fit on a regular schedule is almost impossible. Time, always our greatest constraint, seems to be unavailable, making it easy to blow off a workout or feel like it’s just not worth it. This is where a time-crunched workout can save the day. Even ten minutes of workout, provided it’s done with enough intensity, can get it done. Studies have demonstrated that a little can go a long way, and that some exercise is always better than none.

The trick is to make it intense enough to be effective. So here’s a great workout that will deliver a good punch of strength, with a taste of high intensity cardio, making it a great metabolic jump-start. Make sure your Kamagon® Ball is on the heavier side, not completely full (so the water moves), and light enough that you can finish the reps with good form. The program uses a simple AMRAP concept. AMRAP, (as many rounds as possible) of all of the exercises in a given time, creates some serious intensity, essential for short duration workouts.

Like a circuit, you move from exercise to exercise with little-to-no rest, that enhances the cardiovascular demand and training effect. Move with perfect form for each rep of each exercise, making sure you don’t sacrifice speed for technique, even though your goal is to do AMRAP. Follow the plan below for a 15-minute workout, including warm up and stretching.

Warm up with some dynamic stretching, such as arm circles, squats, hip circles, let swings forward and back as well as side-to-side. Add some overhead arm reaches, shoulder circles for about 2 minutes and you’ll be good to go. Do the exercises in the order they’re written and keep moving from exercise to exercise with no rest. Perform 10 reps of each exercise. Do AMRAP for 10 minutes total. Finish with a cool down of 3 minutes of the same dynamic stretches as the warm up.

1. Squat Swing Release

Set up: Stand feet shoulder distance holding the ball by 1 handle between legs
Action: Swing the ball between the legs and then with a powerful hip drive, swing the ball up to shoulder height. Release the ball and catch the other handle in the other hand.

2. Push Press Punch and Pull

Set up: Stand feet shoulder distance holding the ball in both hands by the handles.
Action: Squat down and explosively stand up punching the ball overhead. Pull the ball rapidly down while bending the knees. Do the whole thing explosively and fast

3. Burpee

Set up: Stand feet shoulder distance holding the ball in both hands by the handles
Action: Squat down low, place ball on the floor. Bring hands onto the floor shoulder distance with the ball between the hands. Jump or walk feet back into a plank. Jump or walk feet forward, pick up ball and stand or jump up

4. Lunge and Pass

Set up: Stand with feet together holding the ball in your right hand by your right side
Action: Lunge forward with the left leg while passing the ball under (or over) the thigh to the other hand. Push back, stepping feet together to start position. Repeat other side. Do 5 reps each side.

5. Dead Lift Row

Set up: Stand feet together holding the ball in both hands on the ball
Action: Keeping knees soft, hinge forward at the hips while maintaining a long spine in a neutral (not rounded) position, while reaching the ball towards the floor. staying low, bend elbows towards the ceiling squeezing shoulder blades together, bringing the ball to the chest. Return the ball to the lowered position and then stand back upright.

6. Speed Skater

Set up: Stand feet together holding the ball in both hands on the ball
Action:Leap to the right, landing on the right leg and swing the ball to the right hip while rotating the torso to the right. Cross the left leg behind. Like a speed skater. As soon as you land, leap to the other side. Do 5 each side.

7. Lateral Lunge and Swing

Set up: Stand feet together holding the ball by both handles at the chest.
Action: Take a large step to the right while swinging the ball to the right, level with the shoulder. Push back to the start position while catching the handle in the other hand. Repeat to the other side. Do 5 reps each side

8. Chest Punch and Pull

Set up: Stand on 1 leg holding the handles in each hand.
Action: Explosively punch the ball forward at chest height, almost fully extending the arms. Explosively pull the ball back to the chest. Do 5 reps on one leg, then 5 reps on the other.

9. Jump Lunge and Rotate

Set up: Stand feet together holding the ball in both hands
Action: Jump feet into a staggered lunge stance, right leg forward, left leg back while rotating the ball to the outside of the right hip. Jump feet back together, then repeat on the left. Do 5 times right and 5 times left.

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