Barre for Every Body

One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry today, Barre training is generating a lot of buzz. Barre not only enhances muscular endurance but also strengthens and improves muscle tone for the entire body! While some movements are inspired by ballet exercises, the classes also combine elements of yoga, Pilates and muscular endurance exercises. If performed 2-3 times per week, participants will see results within just a few weeks.

Some of the typical exercises you will see in barre fitness classes include familiar favorites such as squats, lunges, biceps curls and triceps extensions. However, you will experience them in combination with traditional ballet movements such as tendu, grand battement, and relevé. The familiarity of the strength work allows those who have never danced before to feel comfortable with the format. The dance-based movements not only effectively train the body, but give the class a real flavor, different from other group fitness classes. You may also see barre classes utilize simple equipment like Gliding Discs, dumbbells, resistance tubing and pilates balls.

The Barre Above method is based on sound biomechanics, kinesiology, and cutting-edge exercise science. This makes it an effective and well-rounded class that anyone and any BODY can successfully accomplish.  Created by international phenomenon Leslee Bender (you may be familiar with the Bender Ball) and Tricia Murphy-Madden, who has a long-standing dance exercise background, the unique approach to the genre has created a class that welcomes all levels of fitness and all body types.

In my 30 years of experience, teaching classes and continuing education workshops around the world, it’s rare to find a workout format that really suits all abilities and needs, but Barre Above achieves exactly that premise. The multi-level teaching style allows the most advanced level exerciser an appropriate intensity while standing next to someone who may be brand new to the movement. Most group classes rarely achieve this!

Case in point, Roger, 84 years young, is a devoted student of mine. Roger not only participates in my classes, but he excels in them! I love that a 30-year-old is standing next to someone who’s in their 80th decade while both getting an appropriate level of work. They are successful and enjoying the same workout.  The simplicity of the exercises, the functionality of the movements and the multi-level teaching style assures that no matter who you are, what your age or fitness level, this class is for you!

I am lucky to be leading upcoming Barre Above instructor trainings in southern California. Please join me in Bakersfield, Sept. 9th and Palmdale October 15th. 





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