KettleBell Express

Quick, efficient workouts are the key to busting excuses and there’s no better tool than the KettleBell to make that happen! 30-45 minutes of effective functional whole body training designed to enhance integrated strength and conditioning. Starting heavy with traditional movements and finishing with light complexes that improve coordination, this workshop leaves instructors with a simple training plan, ready to go.

Program Design Strategies for Small Group Training

Small Group Training offers the best of both worlds, the energy of group fitness with the personalization of one-on-one training. Designing effective small group training programs has a specific set of challenges that can be solved with simple tweaks, a sharp eye and effective coaching. This workshop examines how to identify specific needs of your clients, modify the exercise and effectively communicate. Through practical application, learn an effective program and how to personalize it for different populations, needs and preferences. Equipment: Rubber Resistance Tubing, Medicine Ball, Dumbbells

Mobility, Stability and Balance: A New Paradigm

The human body is a finely tuned balance between stability, mobility and equilibrium. Knowing how to apply traditional training principles to a dynamic, functional model can make significant changes to a client’s body. Learn the difference between short and tight and long and taught and simple, effective strategies to apply in order to improve movement stability, mobility, body control, balance and coordination.Equipment: Foam Roller, Gliding Disc, Bender Ball, Stability Ball

Dynamic Duos: Partner Playground for Small Group Training

Half the work – twice the fun! See how partner training can create an interactive motivational workout program. Learn body weight, rubber resistance and medicine ball drills with an emphasis on whole body, integrated functional movement, caloric expenditure and metabolic conditioning. Turn workouts into play with interactive, creative exercises in a social environment. Rubber Resistance and Medicine Ball

Big Creativity with Small Devices!

No matter what training environment you work in, learn how small devices make big changes to a client’s program. Small portable tools variety, creating truly imaginative exercise options. Whether combined with more traditional equipment, see how rubber resistance, small balls and Gliding Discs can add what’s missing from your client’s program. Bring some big creativity into your training sessions with small devices! Equipment: Rubber Resistance Tubing, Gliding Discs, Bender Ball, Medicine Ball

Little Tweaks for Big Results

In this interactive workshop instructors will learn how to make small adjustments and modifications to traditional exercises in order to adaptively change the exercises for a variety of body types and health conditions. See how changes in planes of motion, foot, hand, hip and shoulder positioning can make all the difference. Little Tweaks in verbal, visual and kinesthetic coaching while recognizing what level of learner you’re working with changes the game and brings your coaching into the big leagues! Equipment: Rubber Resistance Tubing

Graceful Strength: Sculpting a Dancer’s Body

Moving gracefully, with fluidity, instructors will experience a Barre inspired group exercise program that conditions the body from the inside-out. Core-centric, whole body functional movements enhance balance, posture and strength endurance. This Ballet Barre focused, non-impact workout leaves you feeling refreshed and energized. Discover the dancer within with Graceful Strength, and sculpt a dancer’s body! Equipment: Rubber Resistance Tubing, Gliding Discs, Bender Ball or Body BarYou can choose either Bodyweight Barre or Graceful Strength but not both!

Bodyweight Barre

Pure and simple, Bodyweight Barre offers an effective total body workout with no equipment. Graceful, flowing Barre inspired movements create a core-centric muscular endurance program that trains the body from the inside-out, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Discover the grace within and sculpt a dancer’s body! No Equipment You can choose either Bodyweight Barre or Graceful Strength but not both!

HIIT the Barre!

High Intensity Interval Training is not only effective, but is also a time efficient way to get more done. Combine HIIT with Barre training and you have a winning formula! Fusing two of the biggest trends in the industry into artful, flowing sequences builds a body with both grace and power, a combination that not only makes you look better, but also moves better and feels better!Equipment: Body Bar

The Core Connection: All Ball

No matter what the goal is, living pain-free, enhancing posture, moving with fluidity can be the result of a well-balanced core-training program. Through practical application, learn a progressive, time efficient, effective system that conditions the core musculature, three dimensionally, through multiple planes of motion. This all-ball training system evolves from basic regressions through to progressive advanced movement sequences, connecting the core from the ground-up. Equipment: Stability Ball, Bender Ball, Medicine Ball

F.I.R.E.! - Fierce Interval Resistance Exercise Certification Course

Become a F.I.R.E. certified instructor and earn valuable CEC’s. This six hour in-depth course reviews the science behind metabolic conditioning, functional training and high intensity interval training. Instructors and trainers will develop essential coaching skills through practical application. This step-by-step system will provide you with 3 full total body metabolic workouts suitable for Small Group Training and traditional Group Exercise settings. Learn plug and play formats ready to go for your class on Monday! Equipment: The Step or the BOSU Balance Trainer, Dumbbells and Rubber Resistance Tubing

60 Minute Master Classes

  • Hard Core Abs and Back: Body Bar and the BOSU Balance Trainer
  • Below The Belt with Body Bar and Gliding Discs
  • Body Bar Centered Strength
  • BOSU F.I.R.E.
  • BOSU Core Fusion
  • Stability Ball Full Circle Conditioning: Core Infused Training
  • HIIT- interval training indoor cycling
  • ShLoC (Scwhinn Cycling climbing workshop)
  • Ultimate Time Trial (Schwinn Cycling)
  • So You Think You Can Race? (Schwinn cycling race workshop)
  • Step I.T. Strong – Athletic Interval Training on the Step
I also offer BOSU, Kamagon and Schwinn sessions. If these branded sessions interest you, please let me know!