About Keli Roberts

Growing up in Australia, from a very early age I was active and involved in competitive sports. I especially loved swimming, track and field, Net Ball (like basketball, but with no back board and no dribbling) and synchronized swimming. After l left school I worked as a model and actress in Australia and Europe but found the lifestyle unhealthy and the work unsatisfying, plus it made me feel like I was never good enough. Modeling left me with very low self-esteem.

After quitting modeling, I got certified to teach fitness through ACHPER, Australia’s top fitness certification and soon after started teaching classes. Initially, I taught to put myself through theater school, but found I was happiest teaching classes, so I quit acting all together and moved full time into the fitness industry. I had found my true passion, teaching fitness!

After several years of teaching in Australia and New Zealand, I decided to come to America to continue my education and take the ACE certification for Group Exercise and Personal Training as well as the AFAA certification. After passing all my exams I started teaching at Voight, which was THE place to teach at that time. It was through my classes at Voight that I built my personal training clientele.

Within a few months I found myself teaching Hollywood’s elite, my group classes had celebrities such as Nicole Kidman, Janice Dickinson, Beverly Johnson, Lauren Hutton and Jennifer Grey. My personal training clientele included Cher, Kirstie Alley, Jennifer Gray, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Susan Dey and Faye Dunaway.

Around that time I shot a step, legs and abs video with Cher. It was an unusual celebrity video because I was leading and Cher was following. We worked hard and had a lot of fun doing it. It was such a success and so well received that CBS/Fox (who produced Cher’s video) contracted me to do my own series and that’s how my video career started.

While I was touring to promote my step and circuit videos (Ultimate Step Workout and Total Body Circuit Training Workout) I was approached by The Summit Group and asked to write a book and that was how Fitness Hollywood came about. When my book Fitness Hollywood was published, I again toured many cities to promote it and was featured on many TV and radio shows. Fitness Hollywood received great reviews from magazines such as Shape and Women’s Fitness.

Becoming well known in the ‘consumer market’ gave me a head start with my goal to be a Continuing Education Specialist for ACE and AFAA. One of the main reasons I came to America was to become an educator, I had always wanted to work with other instructors to help them become better teachers. I have since developed many programs to provide continuing education credits on Step training, Kick Boxing, Circuit Training, Sports Conditioning, Indoor Cycling, Dumbbell Training, Body Bar training, Core Training, Rubber Resistance training, Medicine Ball training to name a few.

Using my previous video experience I teamed up with SPRI Products and did a series of educational videos on how to use rubber resistance products. To coincide with these videos I wrote two manuals, Rubber Resistance Training for the Upper Body and Rubber Resistance Training for the Lower Body. I have also written a manual on how to use The Body Bar for SPRI.

Through my workshops, videos and manuals, it is my goal to ensure that instructors learn to teach safe, effective and fun classes. I have taught workshops and master classes at conventions all around the world, including Brazil, UK, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany, Switzerland, Australia, Spain, Italy and Mexico.

Fitness is truly my passion, I love the self confidence it has built in my own life. Before I started working out, I was depressed and had gained a lot of weight and had no self-esteem. I am a different person from when I started. Exercise enriched my life, starting an exercise program can be a life-changing experience. I have seen it transform many people from depressed and dissatisfied to purposeful and happy. I hope it can do that for you too!


Five years ago I started cycling competitively on road bikes, track bikes and in Cyclocross (an obstacle course done on a special road bike, off road!). My own passion for fitness has been centered on training and competing and I absolutely love it. I am also an avid mountain biker and fortunately, I live in the foothills of the Los Angeles National Forest, minutes away from endless trails. I have three beautiful dogs (Bubba, Max and Rocket) and two cats (Spike and La Tuna) so my life is filled with joy. I feel truly blessed.