Good Week/Bad Week: The Art of Balance

You might be looking at these pictures and thinking, “that’s a lot of washing!” But before you go there, let me explain it.  In the picture on the top, you will notice that it’s mostly just workout gear. And on the bottom, there are several cycling kits. On a week where I get to ride […]

Five More Fall Fitness Tips

Earlier this month, I shared with you my 5 Fall Fitness Tips. Have you taken the steps necessary to start those 5 steps? If not, let me ask…what’s stopping you? I want to share more tips with you today but these all build off of the previous 5 tips. When you are ready, which I […]

Five Fall Fitness Tips!

Fall is beautiful but the days are getting shorter and in some places, it’s starting to become colder. Most people start having a problem sticking to their fitness routine when school starts back. I believe that fitness should be an integral part of our daily lives; it shouldn’t become less of a priority as the seasons […]

Create Helpful Habits

When people decide to change their health, they focus on trying to change too many things at once. This is a huge mistake since they become overwhelmed by these tasks and give up long before any success. Habits are hard to change, especially if you’re going at it with the atomic approach by changing your […]

Easy Health Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that people new to exercise make, is thinking that in order to get started, they need to feel motivated. They think that people who are active FEEL like moving all the time. But, nothing could be further from the truth! Feeling like moving is not the same as being motivated. […]

Myobuddy Magic

So you workout regularly, you eat a healthy balanced diet, you have good sleep habits and yet you don’t feel all that great. The one thing that might be missing is regular muscle maintenance. That might sound mysterious, but it’s really very simple; myofascial release is the perfect solution to all sorts of aches and […]