Whether you want to work on your flexibility, posture, athletic power or conquer back pain, we will work together to accomplish your objectives. Need to improve your eating habits? You will learn just how easy it is to improve your health, lose body fat and increase your metabolism through simple modifications that make big changes in how you look and feel.

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With me as your personal trainer you will achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. I will design you an individualized strength and conditioning program, specifically for your needs.

    This what a few of my clients have to say about me:

    Rarely these days do you find something or someone that meets your expectations. Keli not only met my expectation but succeeded them. I was referred to Keli for medical reasons had not worked out in over 40 years. Over the last eight months each week I have a noticeable improvement and actually look forward to the bi-weekly experience. She is professional but at the same time is caring for her clients. The special attention I received do to a particular heart problem is simply the way Keli address all her clients.

    I can’t say enough positive statements about her. I have not once felt anything but respect for her training.

    John P. McGrain



    Keli is a master trainer in every sense of the word! She has an extremely in depth knowledge and understanding of anatomy and movement. She is creative, energetic, wise, witty, and inspirational. There is never a dull moment when training with Keli!



    Training with Keli has greatly increased my sense of personal thriving. I have trained with Keli for 8 years–she greatly increased my fitness after giving birth to 3 babies, she has helped me maintain strong physical condition, and has worked carefully with me to recover from 2 orthopedic surgeries. 

    Pamela Ebstyne King, Ph.D.
    Peter L. Benson Chair of Applied Developmental Science
    Associate Professor of Marital and Family Studies
    Thrive Center for Human Development
    Graduate School of Psychology
    Fuller Theological Seminary



    My training sessions with Keli Roberts began in desperation to manage chronic back pain. Kelli’s thorough understanding and knowledge of human anatomy, her creativity and keen evaluation skills did bring pain under control but also became a weekly source of education and inspiration.  Through the eight years I’ve been training with Keli as I’ve gained core strength I’ve also found motivation for healthy living, accountability for self control and helpful insights for physical fitness.  While being a leader on the world stage of fitness Keli shows me personal thoughtful consideration week by week as she helps me meet my fitness goals. 

    Heidi Luginbuhl



    Keli is an experienced, inspiring trainer who has worked with me for the past ten years. She freely shares her wide-ranging knowledge of human physiology, sports training, and nutrition. She has prepared me for two hip surgeries, strengthened and stretched me safely afterward, and gotten me leaner, stronger, and playing the best tennis of my life!

    Elizabeth Forsyth



    Three years ago, my back went out;   I had to get shots in my spine and undergo 2 years of physical therapy.  However, since I started working out with Keli 11 months ago, I am finally able to play tennis, snow ski and hike pain free.  She is truly an expert, and she is very patient.  We have taken baby steps so that I would not re-injure my back, and it has made all the difference!  I am so much stronger, and now I can enjoy my favorite activities again!

    Susan Hull



    There is not a single fitness modality—not one—that Keli has not already mastered herself, taught to students and likely has taught to other instructors. Without a doubt, she is the most knowledgeable, competent, inspiring and motivating fitness professional out there.  Her only agenda is her students’ fitness, strength, mobility and progress.  Keeping a careful eye on my own shot knees, she carefully created and adapted routines for me that kept my injuries undisturbed while strengthening my entire body and increasing my endurance and abilities.  Under her tutelage, I have gained noticeable muscle and strength and have learned new methods and exercises from her while perfecting my form and increasing weight on what I already knew.  She is in a class of her own. 

    Jerry Marshak