If you’re just starting out or you’re looking for a safe and effective total body workout, you can join me in my Everyday Strength sessions. If you love indoor cycling and you’re looking for a big challenge, my Schwinn Performance Indoor Cycling sessions are for you!

Online Teaching Schedule

Everyday Strength: Monday & Wednesday 10:30AM PST

Join at michelledozois.com

This Strength class is great for those looking for a classic workout that minimizes stress on sensitive joints.  Increase your strength, stability and function while improving your overall conditioning and longevity. I promise: No burpees or jumping movements in this non-impact, safe and effective class – suitable for all fitness levels and ages.

Join at michelledozois.com

Join me for a kicking 50-minute indoor cycling performance-based workout. High Intensity interval training, hill repeats and sustained hard efforts will test your limits. As a competitive cyclist, the foundation for my classes is authentically focused on the sport. Your mind, body and spirit will be engaged as you improve your fitness performance and transform your body into a lean-mean-fighting-machine!