Hydro-Inertia® Small Group Metabolic Circuit Training

Small Group Training is making waves in the fitness industry today! With an emphasis on functional training, a circuit training format utilizing portable devices makes the Kamagon® Ball and the Surge® perfect tools to bring this effective format to a whole new level. With the dynamic instability of Hydro-Inertia® (the movement of the water inside the device), you have a winning formula. Let’s take a closer look at why and how.

Surge® and Kamagon® Ball exercises train integrated, multi-joint, multi-planar movements to not only enhance appearance, but to also increase whole body coordination and neuromuscular compliance. Training top-down instability creates a unique overload that can transfer into life and sports environments offering a modern approach to training. The adjustability of the load, by adding more or less water, adapts to all fitness levels.

Hydro-Interia® is the star of this workout! Your clients will love the instability and unpredictability of the water movement. Additionally, the Kamagon® Ball and Surge® blend perfectly with other equipment, including the Water Rower and rubber resistance tubing. For different fitness and strength abilities, the Kamagon® and Surge® can be filled with different water levels to allow different fitness levels to be successful. A perfect solution!

This intense metabolic circuit accommodates six clients. And with a partner exercise in each of the sets and the rower being the timer, it’s an easy one to coach.

60-minute Workout

Dynamic Warm-Up: 5-minutes (Repeat Twice)

  • 30 seconds of squats
  • 1 minute multi-directional lunges
  • 15 seconds arm circle
  • 30 seconds torso rotations
  • 15 seconds shoulder circles


  • Start with one person at each station, and two people at the partner station.
  • The “rower” is the timer. Set the rower computer to a 300 meter distance. Press the center button to start. Participants at the exercise stations perform their exercises until the rower has finished the 300-meter distance. This should take 1 minute to 75 seconds to complete. The rowing should be performed at 28-35 strokes per minute at a very hard/anaerobic intensity. Everyone continues to perform the exercises at their stations until the person rowing has completed the distance.
  • Then, everyone rotates to the next exercise. There are a total of 5 different exercises, plus the rowing. This means that everyone rotates through all the exercises and rows for each round.
  • This completes one set. Repeat the format with new exercises for Sets 2 and 3.
  • Partner exercises: Partner A and B work together. You’ll see in the video that each person performs a different role. Partner A, “Jennifer” does Exercise A and Partner B “Susan” does Exercise B. For the rotation, Jennifer goes to Exercise B and Susan goes to Exercise #3. The person from Exercise #1 goes to Partner A. The rotation continues with the last exercise for Susan being the A variation of the partner exercises.

Cool Down and Stretch: 5 minutes

At the end of the final round, everyone performs the following cool down:

  • 30 seconds: Side to side lunges (dynamic adductor stretches) with shoulder circles
  • 30 seconds: Hip circles in both directions
  • 15 seconds: Slow alternating overhead reaches with lateral spinal flexion
  • 15 seconds: Dynamic shoulder stretching
  • 60 seconds: Static hamstring stretches right and left
  • 60 seconds: Static quadriceps stretches right and left
  • 30 seconds: Dynamic and active chest stretches
  • 30 seconds: Dynamic torso rotations
  • 30 seconds: Dynamic (gentle) neck rotations and head tilts.

Set 1

Rower: 300-meters

Kamagon® Swing Release

  • Set up: Feet shoulder distance – Hold Kamagon Ball® in 1 hand between legs.
  • Action: Squat down, swing ball between legs. Drive hips up and swing ball to shoulder height. Release, flip handle and catch with other hand.

Tubing Partner Lunge and Chop

  • Set up Partner A and B: Feet shoulder distance. Hold tubing in both hands, arms extended midline, shoulder height side-by-side with moderate tension on the tubing.
  • Action A: Chop to side away from partner. Pivot feet, rotate and drive hips, jump ½ turn. Repeat 2 more times.
  • Action B: Maintain stable position while partner chops and jumps. On partner’s third jump, ½ turn. Simultaneously jump ½ turn with partner.

Surge® Squat and Press

  • Set up: Feet shoulder distance, stand tall. Hold Surge® in neutral grip at chest.
  • Action: Squat down, keep spine long. Stand and press Surge® overhead.

Tubing Monster Walk

  • Set up: Feet shoulder distance standing on tubing. Cross tubing and hold at hips.
  • Action: Take four small steps to the right, then four to the left. Control how far the other the foot steps in; keep feet apart.


Set 2

Rower: 300-meters

Kamagon® Clean Press and Flip

  • Set up: Feet shoulder distance. Hold ‘Rack’ right.
  • Action: Squat down, flip ball between legs. Stand and Clean the ball to ‘Rack.’ Press overhead, lower to Rack, flip to left ‘Rack’

Tubing Partner Chop

  • Set up: Partner A and B Feet shoulder distance. Hold tubing in both hands, arms extended midline, shoulder height side-by-side with moderate tension on the tubing.
  • Action A: Chop to side away from partner. Pivot feet, rotate and drive hips, Jump ½ turn, repeat 2 more times.
  • Action B: Maintain stable position while partner chops and jumps. On partner’s third jump ½ turn. simultaneously jump ½ turn with partner.

Surge® Front Lunge and Rotate

  • Set up: Stand feet together. Hold Surge® at chest in neutral grip.
  • Action: Lateral lunge right, rotate Surge® to outside of right thigh. Sit hips back, bend right knee and maintain extended left leg. Keep feet parallel! Push downwards with right foot to return to the start position. Alternate

Tubing Hip Extension

  • Set up: Stand tall with tubing under both feet, shoulder distance. Hold handles at the front of hips, crossed over.
  • Action: Keeping knees soft, diagonally press leg back. Control the return phase alternating after three reps each side.

Set 3

Rower: 300-meters

Kamagon® Lateral Lunge and Swing

  • Set up: Feet together, standing tall. Hold ball by handles in both hands.
  • Action: Step right foot to the side, bending right knee, sitting hips back, feet parallel while swinging ball with right hand to the right. Push down to bring feet together while swinging ball to other hand. Repeat other side.

Tubing Chain Gang Squat

  • Set up A: Feet shoulder distance, standing tall. Hold handle with both hands, arms extended at shoulder level.
  • Set up B: Feet shoulder distance, hold handle with both hands, arms extended at shoulder level.
  • Action A: Flex shoulders bringing tube up overhead, extend hips. Chop down, squatting to opposite side as partner. chops up opposite side
  • Action B: Squat down and pull tubing between legs. Maintain neutral spine. Stand and extend hips, flex shoulders bringing tube diagonally up away from partner. Repeat alternating sides.

Surge® Overhead Lunge and Tilt

  • Set up: Feet together, standing tall. Hold Surge® at chest, neutral grip.
  • Action: Lunge right leg forward and simultaneously press Surge® overhead. Hold lunge and tilt Surge® to the right. Bring Surge® back overhead, return to start position, repeat other side

Tubing Seated Row

  • Set up: Seated, legs extended in front, knees bent, wrap band around feet and point toes to secure it. Sit tall and lean back slightly.
  • Action: Drive elbows back in rowing motion while lifting and opening the chest.

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