Program Design Systems = Time Saving Solutions

Without a system, designing and developing Small Group Training programs can be a time-consuming challenge. In a hands-on environment, through interactive practical application, trainers will learn simple systems structured to save time and produce results for clients. Discover creative strategies to expand your toolbox and walk away with unlimited ideas for your Small Group Training programs.

Equipment: Dumbbells, Resistance Tubing with handles

Fluid bodyweight training complexes combine to make this workout unforgettable. Working from the ground up, these sequences stream seamlessly from one exercise to the next, providing an intense and effective session guaranteed to leave you wanting more!

From the ground up to the top down, the kinetic chain is linked through the core. Following a comprehensive review of the deep inner unit and superficial core and myofascial slings, instructors will learn to implement a system that enhances stability, decreases lower back pain and strengthens the core.

Going beyond aesthetics, this workshop comprehensively reviews lower body function and how to enhance muscular strength endurance. Through interactive practical application, instructors will learn how to structured a program utilizing a small ball, Gliding discs, bands and dumbbells. Form follows function; get a better butt by building a better program!

The aging female body has specific needs and concerns. As strength, mobility, stability and bone density decline, precise training strategies play a large role in successfully addressing these issues. Review foundational conditioning concepts to transform your approach. Learn to apply these principles through practical application in a hands-on session.

Smart strategies for training the female upper extremity can be simple. Effectively training the upper body doesn’t necessitate heavy equipment or complicated techniques. Through practical application in an interactive environment, trainers will review biomechanics and kinesiology while learning specific techniques for training their female clients.

Smart strategies for training the female lower extremity can be simple. Effectively training the lower body doesn’t necessitate heavy equipment or complicated techniques. Through practical application in an interactive environment, trainers will review biomechanics and kinesiology while learning specific techniques for training their female clients.

A comprehensive review of the deep inner unit and superficial core provide background for the female body. In an interactive environment through hands-on practical application, trainers will learn a series of specific techniques to train the female core, utilizing stability balls, rubber resistance, Gliding and the Bender Ball.

Functional Integrated Resistance Strength Training Progressions goes beyond basics and examines methods and techniques that functionally strengthen with exercise progressions and partner drills that involve integration, coordination and balance. Learn critical body alignment, movement pattern and cueing techniques for each progression and partner drill in an interactive, hands-on training session.

ACE: .2 CECs

Equipment: Resistance Tubing (1:1)

Combine KettleBells with plyometric medicine ball techniques and improve anaerobic strength, while enhancing power production and caloric expenditure. This HIIT program incorporates lower body physical execution techniques, plyometric progressions and guidelines. Learn the science behind metabolic conditioning with the practical application to change your leg day into a Glute Camp!

Equipment: KettleBell and Medicine Ball

Immobility and inflexibility increases movement inefficiencies creating postural imbalances leaving the body prone to pain and overuse injuries. In an interactive setting, learn the science behind myofascial release and corrective flexibility training techniques. Apply smart movement strategies to target the stability/mobility relationships that balance the body’s structures.

Equipment: Foam Roller

Pure and simple, Bodyweight Barre offers an effective total body workout with no equipment. Graceful, flowing Barre inspired movements create a core-centric muscular endurance program that trains the body from the inside-out, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized. Discover the grace within and sculpt a dancer’s body!

No Equipment

Comprehensively examine the stability/mobility relationships of the body to provide the foundations to a workout that enhances and respects this precise equilibrium. Learn effective methods to enhance core stability while developing mobility in key areas. Train the body from the inside out to bring posture and alignment back in balance.

Equipment: Foam Roller, Gliding discs, stability ball

Have you ever recorded yourself teaching? Do you feel like what your heard? No? Then this workshop is for you! Learn the art of intelligent cueing with simple strategies to make a difference with your communication skills. No matter what you teach, being an effective coach is an art form!

Graceful movement flows provide the foundation for this Barre-inspired total body, conditioning program. Respecting the body’s biomechanics and joint kinematics, instructors will experience an intense workout that focuses on flowing movement progressions. Utilizing bodyweight movements and simple equipment, learn a class format that leaves the body feeling lengthened and strengthened.

Equipment: Resistance Tubing, Gliding Discs, Bender Ball

Learn three different fresh warm up and cool down strategies for diverse formats: Athletic, Dynamic and Rhythmic. Review warm up elements beyond elevating core temperature and apply these principles through practical application. Finish by learning three unique cool down techniqures: Partner stretching, static passive and myofacial release.

Equipment: Foam Rollers

Intelligent ideas for strength and conditioning classes that make sense! In an interactive learning environment, review functional training principles and focus on the practical application of program design. Utilizing resistance tubing, dumbbells and a Step, learn critical body alignment, precise cueing and movement progressions for three different smart strength workouts.

Equipment: The Step, Resistance Tubing, Dumbbells


The Business of Personal Training

Trainers who know how to structure and develop a business plan often stand out as the most successful.Develop a plan with marketing and retention building strategies that guarantee referrals. There’s more to personal training than training! Learn to build solid infrastructure for your business and be your own boss!

SGT offers the best solution, the energy of group fitness with a personal touch. What’s more, the earning potential for trainers is significantly higher. Learn the essentials necessary for starting and running your own SGT business. Set up a business plan and gain some valuable insight into social media marketing.