Keli, I found this video in 2006 (along with a cheap little step that was packaged with it). I was 50+ pounds overweight, shy, depressed and at a crossroads. I started doing this routine three times per week, cleaned up my diet, and lost the excess weight. Your “New Attitude” routine will always have a special place in my rotation–and I will always be grateful for the part you (indirectly) played in getting my life back on track. Thank you!‬

Josh Hamilton

One of my very first step VHS tapes from way back!!! This was one of my all time favourites!!!!!! 💕 Haven’t been able to find it on DVD here but a few months ago I came across it on YouTube…….I was so excited to be able to add this one back into my fitness routine!!!! I do all types of workouts but I still LOVE doing step. I hear it’s making a comeback. Great cardio & butt work!‬

Cindy Crews Hess

I’ve just started doing my old Cher fitness dvds which I did before 3 daughters over 25 years ago! . Initially they thought it was hilarious because of the outfits but I caught my twin girls (18) doing abs and my favourite hip buns and thighs workout! 😂 I’m now 57 and am doing this every week along with the abs workout! Its great for me with stiff hips. Stood the test of time!
I’m going to have a look at your new stuff.


I was BAD!! smoker, bad eater….Keli Roberts inspired and motivated me….it was SO hard, but I DID IT!!!” This video is what started me on my journey of becoming an instructor and trainer!!! I lost 80 pounds with this video!!! We lived in a 2nd story apartment at the time….poor guys below us!!!‬

‪Kelley Hoppe Wickenhauser‪

There is something magic about a new attitude. No matter how out of shape I can get (and gee I’m so good at it), no matter how closer menopause is getting, it just takes 10 days of this workout and my body reacts. And my friends say ‘youre doing that Keli thing, right?’ This is a staple in my life.

Maria Rosaria

I am doing step aerobics since the Coronavirus Pandemic. I found one of your videos on YouTube and it saved my fitness life. I am back in love with Step Aerobics!

Dr. David Mitchell

This is Anastasia from Russia many years I was training with your videos and just wanted to let you know! You are the best step instructor!!!


I’ve tried so many different step videos over the last 20 years and none are as great as yours. So I’m taking it way back!


My first step workout and I fell in love with step because of it!!!!‬

Christine Skowera Smith

When I was younger I got very fit using your videos Ultimate Step and Total Body Circuit Training (with the yellow band). You were promoting these videos and touring a shopping centre near Glasgow, Scotland (UK) where I lived. I bought the step and 2 videos after chatting with you (you wrote on one ‘don’t give up before the miracle’ which is a mantra I’ve remembered 25 years later!) I loved it and got very fit I think it was around 1993 and I was 16/17. It helped me come out of a period of extreme anxiety as well as getting me physically healthy.

Well over the years I got lazy and gained a lot. I tried many DVDs now and then but never enjoyed them in the same way as I did those. Three years ago fat, deflated and 40, I came upon the cher step on DVD….and as a result have lost 84 lb/6st (combined with being happier and eating healthy). I’ve never been able to find those 2 videos despite searching online.

I am DESPERATE to get my hands on them and some fitness nostalgia and an enjoyable journey to improved fitness!

Bernadette Sheridan

I’m 53 and broke my leg in 4 places a few years ago and put on a LOT of weight as I was stuck in a wheelchair for over 6 months. After I got back on my feet i was so unfit; I got out of breath just walking upstairs! I tried various paid online apps which I won’t name and paid for a gym membership – all to no avail. I didn’t lose one single ounce in weight.

My sister then gave me a workout DVD of Keli’s to try and from that moment I was hooked! Keli is so inspiring and has such a wonderful personality which comes across in the videos, she makes the workouts fun and they really really work.
I love the combination of weights, step, and abs all in one workout. Step it Strong is a fab workout! The most important thing for me is that it’s fun and makes me keep wanting to do it.

When I started I weighed 19 and a half stone. With help from Keli’s workouts, eating more healthily (I still eat pizza and chocolate and drink wine, though), and with being consistent working out 4 times a week, I now weigh 14 stone12lbs.
I’ve still got some to go but I’m so much healthier, I have so much more energy and confidence, my self esteem is loads better, and it’s all thanks to doing Keli’s workouts.

If you’re on the fence about trying one, do it; I promise you won’t be sorry, you’ ll only be sorry you didn’t do it earlier!! I think Keli is fabulous and she has changed my life for the better.

(I didn’t get paid for this testimonial, the only thing i did get was fab results and better fitting jeans)

Joanne Preddy
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