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I’m excited to offer you an exclusive and unique service: customized workout videos! Our bodies are as unique and individual as a fingerprint, so why choose a one-size-fits-all workout.

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Custom Workout Videos

It’s not what you do, It’s how you do it!

Keli Roberts - virtual PT - lifting weights

Virtual Personal Training

Who said you had to be a local to train with me? I offer my personal training services virtually! Whether we Zoom, FaceTime or Skype, I can set up a personalized training program for your needs to help you achieve your goals.

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Keli Roberts - health coach

Virtual Health Coaching

Need more guidance? These are the five areas in your lifestyle we will work together to help you find balance and optimal life performance: Diet, Exercise, Recovery, Sleep and Stress.

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Live Online Workouts

LIVE Online Workouts

Join me for my LIVE online workouts, in the comfort, convenience and safety of your home. These streaming live classes will help you achieve your health, fitness and wellness goals.

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Personal Training

Personal Training

With me as your personal trainer you will achieve your health, wellness and fitness goals. I will design you an individualized strength and conditioning program, specifically for your needs.

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“I am doing step aerobics since the Coronavirus Pandemic.I found one of your videos on YouTube and it saved my fitness life.I am back in love with Step Aerobics! “

Dr David Mitchell

“I was BAD!! smoker, bad eater….Keli Roberts inspired and motivated me….it was SO hard, but I DID IT!!!” This video is what started me on my journey of becoming an instructor and trainer!!! I lost 80 pounds with this video!!! We lived in a 2nd story apartment at the time….poor guys below us!!!‬‬”

Kelley Hoppe Wickenhauser

“There is something magic about a new attitude. No matter how out of shape I can get (and gee I’m so good at it), no matter how closer menopause is getting, it just takes 10 days of this workout and my body reacts. And my friends say you’re doing that Keli thing, right?’ This is a staple in my life.”

Maria Rosaria

“Keli, I found this video in 2006 (along with a cheap little step that was packaged with it). I was 50+ pounds overweight, shy, depressed and at a crossroads. I started doing this routine three times per week, cleaned up my diet, and lost the excess weight. Your “New Attitude” routine will always have a special place in my rotation–and I will always be grateful for the part you (indirectly) played in getting my life back on track. Thank you!‬‬.”

Josh Hamilton
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About Keli Roberts

Growing up in Australia, from a very early age I was active and involved in competitive sports. I especially loved swimming, track and field, Net Ball (like basketball, but with no back board and no dribbling) and synchronized swimming. After l left school, I worked as a model and actress in Australia and Europe but found the lifestyle very unhealthy and the work totally unsatisfying. Moreover, it also made me feel like I was never good enough! My modeling career left me with very low self-esteem.

After quitting modeling, I got certified to teach fitness through ACHPER, Australia’s top fitness certification and I soon began teaching classes. Initially, I was teaching as a means to attend theater school, but I soon found out that I was happiest teaching fitness classes. So, I dropped out of theater school and thrust myself full-time into the fitness industry. I had found my true passion – teaching fitness!

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