No Excuses.

No Excuses

It’s hard to feel motivated and dedicate time to regular training sessions. Even the most motivated person can struggle from time to time. The holidays make things even worse by pulling us in so many different directions. Family, work, social obligations, etc… the holidays are hard. This means that in order to stay on top of things you need to be organized and prioritize your wellness. Here are some ideas for staying active and fit during the holidays.

  1. It’s far easier to stay fit than get fit. It’s also good to remember how much easier it is to gain weight than lose it. Therefore, the period between Halloween and New Year’s can be quite deadly, making it critical to stay active and eat moderately. It may not be the time of the year to lose weight, but you’ll be way ahead of the game if you don’t GAIN!
  2. People tend to blow off their workout when they lack time, thinking that you need an hour or more to get it done. This is a mistake! You can get a lot done in just 10 minutes! A 10-minute brisk walk, 10 minutes of a high-intensity circuit, or try 10 minutes of core and stretching. If you did this all in one day you get a complete workout. It could look like this: In the morning, at lunch and in the evening, pick one of these activities. If you work in an environment where you need to be ‘dressed’ for work, then the speed walk makes sense at lunch; you just need to remember to pack your walking shoes.
  3. It’s a matter of breaking down barriers that keep us in excuse mode. This is where it’s good to get organized. The night before you go to bed, lay out your gear for your early morning walk, circuit or stretch. Set the alarm to allow the extra 10 minutes of activity and create the mindset of commitment. If you’re making a bigger commitment by going to the gym, then pack your bag with everything you need for your workout. Double check you have everything! There’s nothing like forgetting a shoe to derail your workout!
  4. Mindset matters! Make a clear decision to prioritize some kind of movement every day, no matter what. Find ways to support that decision, such as having a workout buddy. There’s no substitute for a training partner when it comes to being accountable. Having a class to go to is another great option. Most gyms have early morning as well as lunchtime classes. Getting your workout in early in the day is a great way to ensure other things don’t get in the way. Another way of prioritizing your training is to schedule it and put it in your planner, then when you’re done, you can check it off and enjoy the feeling of accomplishment.
  5. You could also register for a fun-run or set an athletic goal for early in the year. Having made a commitment will help you stay on track and motivated. If you have no big goals, it’s good to keep in mind that it comes down to finding balance during the holidays. Making some time for your health and wellbeing is as important as taking care of social and family obligations. Without your health (both physical and mental) you will be of little use to others anyway. This is especially true if you’re in a caretaking role. There is nothing to feel guilty about when it comes to self-care!

So set aside time to move more, even if it’s only 10 minutes at a time, you will feel better when you do. The funny thing about feeling better is that it is like a self-fulfilling prophecy: when you move, you feel better, and when you feel better, you eat better. When you move more and eat better, you feel better!