It's Not What You Do; It's How You Do It!

Fitness goes far beyond just making you look good, it improves your health and well being, quality of life, self esteem and self concept. I believe fitness should be fun and enjoyable, something to look forward to and something that leaves you feeling satisfied and successful. When I work with a client and design their program, I take into account the whole person, not just their body, but also their mind, spirit and sense of humor. I also believe that you don’t need to put in long hours to get results. I’m not one to waste time so every exercise I choose is goal specific, effective and efficient. Finally I know from experience that an exercise is only as good as how it’s being performed. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it!

My Newest Blogs

The Willpower Dilemma: Part 2

The holiday season is possibly the hardest time of the year to maintain resolve when it comes to balanced eating and working out regularly. It’s easy to find you’ve gained some unwanted pounds in January. In the Willpower Dilemma Part 1,  I discussed the rider and the elephant, with the rider being our willpower and […]

The Willpower Dilemma: Part 1

Self-control, restraint, willpower; whatever you call it, it is a limited resource. I would go so far as to say it’s rare! So many people don’t have enough of it, yet this is so critical if you want to move forward in the world. Whether you want to lose weight, quit smoking, get to bed earlier, […]

Question of the Month: What motivates you the most?

Question: What motivates you the most? And what motivates you to inspire others? From Aerobicone Answer:  What motivates me now is what motivated me to get into the fitness industry in the first place; Making a difference in people’s lives has always been my driving force. After a difficult career as a model, I felt so […]

Good Week/Bad Week: The Art of Balance

You might be looking at these pictures and thinking, “that’s a lot of washing!” But before you go there, let me explain it.  In the picture on the top, you will notice that it’s mostly just workout gear. And on the bottom, there are several cycling kits. On a week where I get to ride […]

Question of the Month: What Do You Eat?

Question: What’s one of your favorite meals on a day when I’m home? Question from Lawrence Biscontini Lawrence, My favorite things to cook are all simple and fast, since I’m not usually home before 8:00pm most days. I love to grill salmon and roast Brussels sprouts and baby potatoes. I make stir fries with baby […]

Five More Fall Fitness Tips

Earlier this month, I shared with you my 5 Fall Fitness Tips. Have you taken the steps necessary to start those 5 steps? If not, let me ask…what’s stopping you? I want to share more tips with you today but these all build off of the previous 5 tips. When you are ready, which I […]

Five Fall Fitness Tips!

Fall is beautiful but the days are getting shorter and in some places, it’s starting to become colder. Most people start having a problem sticking to their fitness routine when school starts back. I believe that fitness should be an integral part of our daily lives; it shouldn’t become less of a priority as the seasons […]

Question of the Month: I’ve hit a plateau

Question: I’ve been exercising and eating right and have lost 20lbs, I still have 10lbs to go and I’ve hit a plateau. What can I do? My Answer: It’s normal to hit plateaus when losing weight. It’s a result of losing muscle mass associated with eating less calories. When we lose muscle mass our basal metabolic […]

Barre for Every Body

One of the biggest trends in the fitness industry today, Barre training is generating a lot of buzz. Barre not only enhances muscular endurance but also strengthens and improves muscle tone for the entire body! While some movements are inspired by ballet exercises, the classes also combine elements of yoga, Pilates and muscular endurance exercises. If […]

Question of the Month: How do I train my legs?

Question: I am totally frustrated with the shape of my lower body, my butt is flat and saggy and my legs have no definition. What is the best exercise for someone who’s short on time? Signed, Frustrated. My Answer: I find the best exercises for the lower body are lunges and step -ups. To get the best results, […]